Thursday, September 9, 2010

Since I went away

Hello to all you dear readers!

It was really dreadful of me not to post lately, but, as you can guess, I've been too busy.  I really don't like using that as an excuse anymore, seeing as how 'busy' is the norm now. :P I'll just have to learn to work around it I suppose. :)
.:. .:. .:. .:. .:.
Anywho, I've been meaning to post, truly.
Some things that I've had the pleasure of being busy with include cleaning the house, preparing for Autumn, packing up for an over-night trip to Florida, redoing my room, taking care of the farm with everyone, planning an important sewing project, trips to town, schoolwork, photography, and --- working on a secret! *Mysterious smile* All shall be revealed shortly. . .
In the meantime, I shall do my best on posting frequently. I can't promise anything, though. ;D

What's kept you preoccupied? Do share!

Much love and many blessings,

In answer to a question Kimberlee left on a post several weeks ago:
Y'all feel free to save my pictures to you computer for inspiration, etc, just please tell me if you do.

Also, my pictures and writings can be used if you ask me about it first, and then leave due credit. (Not to seem hoity-toity and mean, I just have to do this to protect my pictures and things from being copyrighted by some stranger. :P)  Okay, stinginess aside. . . I just received a request from sweet Grace asking to put some of the art on my sidebar on her blog.
Of course you can, Grace! You're welcome to use them just as much as I am! :) Thanks so much for asking, though.
The same goes to all of y'all! :D



  1. Ooh, I wonder what your secret is! ;) I've been sick the last couple of days, but other than that, I've been getting ready for our co-op which starts Monday. Super excited!

    Much love,

  2. Dear Livvy,
    I do so love all the art pieces you have on your sidebar, and I was wondering if I could perhaps, copy a few and paste them on my blog?
    I hope you are having a blessed day!
    A Sister in Christ,

  3. So glad you are back dear Livvy! I missed you so!

  4. I've not been too busy to send your letter! It was the absence of stamps fault, not mine! lol lol
    hee hee! Love you!
    and thank you again for the you-know-what! it's ADORABLE- did I say that? ;)

  5. Welcome back! We missed you and are so appreciative of you taking time to share with us! Please know that you are making a difference in others lives. Our daughter is 17 loves horses and loves to see your beautiful pictures! I love them too! hugs to you, mumofeight

  6. Oooo, a secret! How interesting! Now I'm curious! I guess I will just have to be patient and wait! :)

  7. Dear Livvy,I am amazed at you talent! your art is gorgeous and very peaceful!!! you are extremely talented and definitely gifted with making people smile! I love you blog, it is just a shining light in my everyday life.
    hope you dont mind some pestering questions.... What type of camera do you use? did you teach you self or have you taken courses? I've just begun Photography and it really is one of my passions, I just am not really sure how to make it unique and my own!

    God bless
    Rosanna Primer

  8. Lovely photo, Livvy... Such vibrant colors!

  9. I tagged you to check it out go to

  10. Love your photography! Keep it up!