Saturday, July 10, 2010

Busy Summer Days

Hello dears!

It's been rather quiet around here as of late, hasn't it? I've been taking a much needed break from blogging to focus on some other things, but I've missed it so! I didn't stop taking pictures however, so I have a bunch to post in the next few days. :) For now, I thought y'all might like to have an update of sorts with photos I've taken lately.
The garden is growing, as are my goat kids, and the laundry, too! Somehow one's first thought of Summer is lazing about with a glass of lemonade, reading a book, or taking a swim and just relaxing. Not around here! Summer is one of the busiest seasons for us. The heat is already becoming oppressing, especially during the late afternoon. I think it was 103 yesterday! *Whew!*
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We finally have a milk cow once again, so we are enjoying the rich, creamy benefits of raw milk by the (3) gallon(s) {and I'm by no means scrimping when it comes to cream in my tea!}.
By the way, do you have a delectable recipe that calls for ginormous amounts of milk, per chance?

I finally turned 17 {on the 13th of June}, and although I don't feel much older, it has put a 'have to finish right now' damper on my schooling and such. Purely me, though. ;) I'm hoping to graduate this Autumn or Winter, depending on how busy we are. I just really don't want to spend my entire Summer drudging over the last of my schooling. :) The French and reading is fun, but math is not my favorite subject!

Now on to the pictures! ;)

I've just found a lovely brand of tea, which has quickly become my favorite. Lately I've not been found without a teacup in my hands wherever I am!

I've had many lovely flower subjects to photograph lately. This little plant sits upon the glass shelf in the kitchen, above the sink.

A pretty little morning glory curling itself for the day.

Geraniums at my Grandmother's house. Aren't they cheery?

Oh, our homegrown plums! They are so good!

Our peaches are, too. Mom and I took these and made several jars of spiced pickled peaches to have this Autumn. So yummy!

Daddy's little watermelons are growing like crazy. We have 3 different varieties growing in the patch. Altogether, I think we have about 4 dozen growing, with many new flowers opening each day!

This one is much closer to completion, thank goodness! I don't think I can wait much longer to taste a homegrown melon. They just don't taste at all the same coming from a store.

Soaking up the sun.

Daddy and Mike just finished a beautiful new fence in the front yard pasture for Bandit and the cow.

Probably the most ridiculous picture I've taken of Bandit, to date.

A daily duty for horse owners. Emily is very good about keeping up with the hoof care. Bandit had a fungus problem in his hooves when we bought him, but excellent, dedicated care on Emily's part has saved him from much pain and discomfort. His hooves are all healed now. :)

We have had a whole mess of kittens running around here for several months now, some of them are getting to be quite rude.

We also have a crazy puppy, who's wild antics keep us laughing (most of the time!) and repairing holes in our skirts.

Scrutinizing chickens.

A dove on my Grandmother's fence. She has a pair that keep coming up, and we think they are building a nest somewhere in her yard. :) So sweet.

An unusually messy Ella climbing the garden fence. This was (obviously!) taken after dinner on a busy day. ;)

The occasional babysitting job is  keeping me busy, too.
(And blocks being pushed into the lens . . .)

Martha Patience, the milk cow. At least, her nose anyway. :)

You read correctly that we are receiving 3 gallons of milk a day. We are practically swimming in it! ;)

I've been cooking alot lately, especially with fresh, in-season produce.

Kitty in profile.

Occasionally we'll get a nice cooling shower to wash the dust away.

Daddy's boots on the porch.

A beautiful, nearly-full moon.

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Have a blessed evening, lovelies!

I'll be posting soon, I promise! :)

P.S. If some of the pictures didn't look very clear, try clicking them to upsize. :)

Oh, and thank you all so much for the sweet, thoughtful comments you took time to leave on my last post! I enjoyed reading each and every one! Hearing what y'all have to say is half the fun and blessings of blogging!
Much love!


  1. Thanks for sharing Livvy! I loved being able to glimpse farm life for a while.....nice to imagine myself there too! Happy belated birthday! :)

  2. Great pics, Livvy! I love the picture of your new puppy! What kind of dog is he? He's ADORABLE!! I also liked the full moon picture; it's really cool!


  3. Those are beautiful pics! And I understand the whole break from blogging. Everyone needs a break! Congrats on turning 17 and I love your blog.

    Brooklyn {never forget to laugh}

  4. Wow... these pictures are gorgeous, Livvy!!! Thanks for sharing, dear friend! :)

    -- much love,
    Lindsay <3

  5. Beautiful pics, Livvy!! You sound like me; busy, busy. Haha. But I like to busy in the Summer as I can get rather lazy. ;) I LOVE hot tea, too much! My favorites are peach and raspberry flavored teas and of course just the chamomile. ♥


  6. Hey livvy. The pics are amazing. I especially love the ones of the moon and the rain on the window Absolutly beautiful. Keep up the good work.

  7. Great pictures, Livvy! I love the flower shots!

  8. Glad that you are back and blogging! Those pictures are amazing, you should really open a photography blog! :) It was great to read the update, I was begining to wonder what happened to you.


  9. Those are beautiful pictures! My favorite is of the peaches.

    We have a ton of milk flowing in as well! Our cow just freshened the first of June. We have about 2 gallons coming in a day. Have you thought about making flavored kefir, yogurt, or cheese? Kefir is one of our favorites to make with fresh milk!

    Have a wonderful week!

    ~Hannah Paige

  10. Great pictures Livvy!! God has definitely given you a gift :) I completely agree with you on the graduating! Lol! I am trying to graduate this year some time too. We just recently found out that(at least up here) if you want to graduate before you turn 18, you have to take like 60 hours of classes. I just don't want to go through that! I just want to be done with school, lol! I also enjoy reading and history, but I am not too fond of math....Talk to you soon :)

  11. I love reading your blog posts, Livvy! They are beautiful!

    If you email me at femininefarmgirl(@)gmail(.)com I will send you a link to our website that has several easy and yummy dairy recipes on it...I understand needing to find ways to use extra milk:)

    Right now we are making yogurt and butter so that uses up a little of our 7 daily gallons!!

    Pigs are another excellent way to help with extra milk because you're not wasting it...milk-fed pigs are delicious!

    Blessings and have fun with that milk cow!


  12. I love how real yur blog is! Precious pictures! :)

  13. Hi, Livvie! I love the teacup picture..... I recognize that counter!! ;) I love y'all's house! ;)
    btw....I'm allowed to say y'all.... we are in a pick-your-side civil war state (i.e. it didn't exist when the civil war was around, so we can choose what we are! ;) haha.

  14. Welcome back Livvy! I love your pictures, especially the ones with farm life! My brother and I just graduated last week! We are so happy to be done with school.

    Well, I am glad your back, I was beginning to miss you!


  15. The pictures are great. :) What kind of camera do you use?

  16. What a lovely post! I'm seventeen also :) and I'm on the verge of finishing my math too (it's geometry)! Those pictures are great; what cute animals (and kids =). ~Carrie

  17. What great pictures. I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come on over to my blog and check it out. God's blessings too you. Lloyd

  18. Wow - I LOVE your blog! I especially love the picture of the moon - I'm a moon/space lover! :) Great photos!

  19. Your pics are gorgeous! My dad is a photographer too. I just found your blog and I love it. =) I miss country living, and seeing these pics takes me back.