Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Baby Goats

Here's a couple of pictures of my baby goats that were born the day after Mother's Day ♥.
Aren't they so cute??

^This is the doeling^ {who looks identical to her mom},

This is the little buckling. I love his speckled ears!!

The morning they were born, I went out to the shed {where I lock Millie at night for safety} to let her out. I checked for every sign in the book that meant imminent birth, but there were none. Absolutely NONE.
It even looked like it might be 1-2 weeks yet. This whole time I'd been expecting them to come the end of this month, as the buck owner told me to. However, she obviously took to the first breeding. Anywho, about an hour after I let Millie out of the shed, Emily runs into the kitchen telling me to "come see Millie's kid". Surprise, surprise.

Turns out, just a little while after casually moseying out of the shed, Millie turns around and goes back in to have her babies that she didn't even let me know were coming.
{Insert exasperated face}.
So, I have yet to settle on a name for either of them. If you think of something, let me know! :)

Y'all have a lovely evening!

P.S Sorry 'bout the quality of the pictures, had to use our point-&-shoot. :)


  1. How CUTE!! And what do you mean, Livvy... the pictures are great! Have a lovely evening! :)

    ~ Love,

    P.S. - I've given you the "best of friends" award. Check out my latest post to see it, 'kay? ;)

  2. Oh, Livvy, they're precious! Baby animals are so cute!
    Thank you for sharing the photographs.

    Your Sister In Christ,

  3. VERY CUTE!!!!!! I love baby animals! That's one of the reasons why I live on a farm!


  4. Ohhhhhh they are so cute!!!!!!!
    They are nubians aren't they?


    ~ Tiffany

  5. Thank you for the sweet comments, ladies!

    Yes, actually. :) Their dad is a nubian/boer mix, and their mom is a Saanen/something mix. :)

    I hoping the doeling will make a good little dairy goat.

    Y'all have a gorgeous day now!


  6. Adorable!!! How exciting! Thanks for sharing....:)


  7. Goats were a (big) part of my life for 12 years... We sold the last two in December, and I have missed them ever since. :( Especially those precious little kids; the floppy Alpine/Nubian (mix) ears; and milking as the sun goes down. It made my evening getting to see sweet little goat faces again. :) Thanks for sharing them!