Friday, May 7, 2010

Life Is No Choice

This is so incredibly sad. For one, that a precious life was lost, and two, that is was considered to be a "wrong" one. Don't they realize that the "deformed fetus" is just as precious and fearfully made? Do they really think that it is somehow less deserving of life? How would it feel to know that you were going to be destroyed simply because you *possibly* had "defects" you couldn't help. I deeply feel for this family, as well as the incredibly beautiful human life that will never see this world.

"The news out of Sarasota, Florida caught many people by surprise. A doctor in the city has lost his license because he aborted what is now described as the “wrong” baby. Back in 2006, Dr. Matthew Kachinas had been asked to perform an abortion on a baby that had been identified as having Down syndrome and other congenital defects. Instead, the doctor aborted that baby’s healthy twin."

Read the rest of the heart-breaking article here.

When you read it, please come back here and tell your thoughts on the subject. I would like to know how you feel about this.

Thanking God for each precious life he sends,

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  1. This article is so sad. I almost wanted to cry when I read it. I am going to post this on my blog. thank you so much, Livvy, for sharing it.


  2. It is heartbreaking and it's wrong. No child should EVER be killed because of some "defect"...God has a SOVERIGN plan and each and every little baby has a roll in that plan, down syndrome or not. Every little baby with downs is just as precious as the ones without it...babies are a BLESSING.

    My eyes are opened more to this wicked world and I will commit to pray even more for these blind women and murdering Dr's who are killing.

    I just love children so very much - it breaks my heart to see all that happens to their life.

  3. All I have to say is, "Wow. Just Wow. How is this country still alive? The Lord's mercy is indeed great, that He has not anialated such a contemptuous, abominable, evil society."


  4. Ouch so heart breaking. What are people thinking? Are they thinking...
    A child considered faulty by the world is often a great gift to those whom God chooses to give such a special gift. Though I have known few the families that I do know are grateful and grow in such beautiful ways...
    Truly a tragedy.

    (I found you via Katherine Sophia's blog)

  5. No words can emphasize enough how terribly wrong it is. My family and I have been taking care of my almost one year old cousin. Seeing him grow and change is such a blessing!


  6. heartbreaking. I agree with Kyrie - and all I can add is that I hope God will work this out to help stop the baby killing in our land. May God forgive us.

  7. Cool!!! We will be having baby goats this month!!!

  8. That is soo sad! How could he do that?!

  9. This truly breaks my heart! All of the people that God breathes life into are worthy of their existence, none of us are 'perfect' like Him yet we deserve the right to live.

    Thank you for sharing this even though it is painful to hear about...I will be praying.

  10. Hello Livvy,

    My brother has a heart defect and my cousin has Downs. The story is so sad and it’s sad to see how far America has come in aborting children and so on… Recently, I gave a speech in my state at a pro-life conference. Here is one stat that really should shock us: The Guttmacher Institute states that quote, “Worldwide, roughly 115,000 unborn human beings are killed everyday by abortion.” Unquote. pictures this amount to daily match the 9/11 death toll x 30 and matches Katrina everyday x 62.

    Thank you for posting,


  11. This is really sad that people have come to think of babies as things that can be killed at your whim. This is an area that our country needs prayer in!
    Thanks so much for posting about it!