Monday, May 31, 2010

40 Random facts about me

It's been so long since I did a random post, I decided to write down 40 of the most random things I could think of about myself. And I threw in the picture of me 'cause it's been, um, years since I posted one?
I guess it's because I'm never in front on the camera, I'm always behind it! :)

Okay, here's 40 random facts 'bout me:

1.I love going to thrift shops and antique stores. You never know what you’re going to find!

2. I’m the oldest daughter, but the second oldest child in my family.

3. My favorite photography subjects are 1. People 2. Flora & Fauna.

4. I love a good cup of coffee.

5. My favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate-almond-coconut.

6. I love overcast, breezy days. They are so peaceful.  :)

7. I’m known to have an “intense” personality; whatever that means….

8. Earl Gray & Irish Breakfast tea are my favorite kinds of tea.

9. My sewing machine was given to me by my grandmother, so it’s not very new. It still works quite well, however.

10. I’ll be repainting my room soon, but I have yet to pick a color. I’m thinking a cool sage green, or a cheerful pastel yellow. Maybe a color scheme along the lines of my blog background?

11. I’ve been crocheting for about 3 years, and I’ve been knitting for about 1.

12. I just started sewing last Spring.

13. I love to grow flowers and herbs, along with our vegetables each year.

14. I’m a well-known music addict. :)

15. I love to milk my goat. Sounds crazy, but I enjoy it. ^_^

16. When I was very little, I used to think nothing tasted better than a can of peas with a little salt and butter. I used to eat that for breakfast!

17. Unbeknownst to us, my sisters and I had our picture put into a local newspaper a few months ago. We would never have known it, only some friends of ours who received the paper saved it to show us. Talk about surprises!

18. I have 3 blogs, the other 2 I link to on my sidebar. {Both of these blogs I need to update *blushes*}

19. I’m always coming up with some crazy, hair-brained idea. Out of hundreds I’ve tried to pull off, only a few of them were successes. Name 1? Uh, give me a minute...

20. I weighed 4 pounds, 6 ounces when I was born.

21. I love to edit photos and make them look really interesting. I love to use actions and textures, as well.

22. I’ll be 17 in June. I can hardly believe it, wasn’t I just 6, playing rodeo on stick horses with the twins???

23. I’m a sucker for baby photos. Half of my favorite photographs on Flickr consist of baby pictures! I especially love the ones of newborns posed in their sleep. So cute!! :)

24. I collect pretty, unique coffee cups. Thrift stores are my favorite place to look for them; various members of my family are always quick to point them out to me. :D

25. I have a gold purity ring. I’ve been wearing it since August 2006.

26. I love cute/elegant fonts. I’m teaching myself to write in the font on my post & side bar titles.

27. I am waaaaayyy too competitive for my own good. I'm being serious here.

28. I’m guessing I wear shoes 100 days out of the year. Sorry, dedicated country girl here!

29. I love to drink sweet tea out of a mason jar. :)

30. If you asked me what my favorite color is, I couldn’t tell you. I have a spectrum of color combinations I adore, though. Let’s see here, blue & brown, brown & cream, cream & pink, blue & yellow, pink & green, green & orange, and the list goes on.......

31. Fresh flowers in a vase or jar always brighten my day! I love to see bouquets of them around the house.

32. I’ve traveled through about 14 states.

33. I have the slightest touch of rosacea, (A.KA. The curse of the Celts.) You can really only see it when I’ve been out in the heat for awhile.

34. I make lists for EVERYTHING!!! Actually, it’s quite an obsession.

35. I love to cook and bake. One of my favorite places to find delectable recipes is The Pioneer Woman Cooks.

36. I can be very random. For instance, simply observe this list. :)

37. I usually wear a straw hat when I go outside, especially in the summertime.

38. I love being outside studying this beautiful world. :)

39. I also love to sit down with our Audubon books and learn more about nature. It’s always so fun to be able to identify birds, plants, & trees, etc.

40. If my sisters and I stay up too late, everything, e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g, becomes funny enough to laugh over for 5 minutes.

Hope you had fun reading my most random post ever! *wink*

Have a gorgeous afternoon, 'kay?


  1. You're gorgeous, Livvy! I'm glad you decided to do this post. I always enjoy these kind!


  2. Livvy,

    Usually when people post this kind of thing I skim through it, because they tend to loose my attention quite quikly (sp?). I read this one all the way through an loved reading it! This is probably one of the best random posts I have read in a while. :)


  3. HAHA we're alot alike!!
    We're like the same age, I'm a music addict, I have the same obsession for everything being funny when it's to late (seriously!!!) I love photography, and editing, I'm seriously competitive, and I'm the oldest girl, but the second oldest, I also have a gold purity ring. HAHA, not to mention I'm really random, can ya tell??


  4. Your so gorgeous, Livvy! I enjoyed reading this random post!

  5. I can totally relate to number 40! LOL!

  6. Livvy, your blog is awesome! Thanks for such fun posts.

    God bless.


  7. Hey Livvy! It's great to be able to put a face with your emails now! haha ;) And I know a little more about you now too! Thanks :)

  8. Beautiful blog! And thank u for sharing 40 things bout urself. I'm Brooklyn Richards, I forget how I found u, but ur blog looks gr8 and I will check by often to see what masterpieces you've posted :P

    I am very RaNdOm too so don't be surprised if I say paperclips in the middle of anything lol

  9. I love the picture!! And such an interesting random post. :)

  10. Livvy,

    I had SO MUCH FUN reading this post! We are alot alike in many ways, and that was neat to find out :) I won't bore you by listing which numbers are "me", but I will say, one way we are /not/ alike is the cofee thing - I don't do coffee ;)

    You are a truly beautiful girl - thank you for posting the picture! The old saying, "Beauty is as beauty does" is so true, and you seem to be truly "beautiful" inside and out!

    Thanks again for this fun and fascinating post!



    P.S. I have some Celtic blood in me, and am proud of every single drop! ( :D ), but I haven't been raised really to know much about it, just what I've read and picked up on on my own. Would you tell me what exactly 'rosacea' is? You could just leave a little comment on my blog, if you get a minute :)
    Thanks again!

  11. Haha. Loving the fact that I can say, "I know!" to number forty.

    You're awfully pretty, girl. And the combo of pearls and denim? Darling!