Monday, January 25, 2010

Callaway Gardens In Winter

G'day all!

I'm sure several of y'all are familiar with Callaway Gardens, as it's the location of Vision Forum's annual Father & Daughter retreat. I have been incredibly blessed to live within 40 minutes of this lovely place all my life, and have been there, literally, hundreds of times (we've lived in Pine Mountain before, as well! :D). I enjoy seeing it in every season, but especially in Spring and Autumn. In Winter it isn't as colorful as usual, but during the daytime, there is almost no one there. Towards evening, it gets very crowded, as they have a special winter activity that attracts alot of people. We went to Callaway a few weeks ago, as I told y'all about. I was just getting to know my camera so I took alot of pictures. Several of them I really liked and I thought y'all might, as well.

Here they are!

It was getting late when I took this one, so I got some sunset light in it. I kind of like how the bokeh ended up looking. :)

Ivey on the beach.

All over Callaway, you will find seasonal plants and flowers. In Winter, there is holly everywhere. It's just lovely.

Here I tried a monochrome "Art" shot. :)

Levi is forever moving quickly. Hence the extra blurry background.

Ella Merry

Levi just tossed a rock into the lake and was watching the ripples.
FYI; I took all of the pictures on Robin Lake beach.

Ella found a leaf that she liked.
I think she also found a pebble. Or was it a stone?

I hope y'all liked seeing the pictures!


  1. Your pictures are AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL, Livvy!!! I think that the first one is my favorite:)

    You have a gift and eye for photography, my friend!


  2. Wow, what a blessing to live so close to Callaway Gardens! I've never been to the Father and Daughter retreat before, but I have heard of it.
    I loved looking at the pictures! Thank-you for sharing them Livvy!
    God Bless,

  3. Those are really pretty pictures!!! Are they your little brothers and sisters? They're really cute (Ella, and Levi)

    In Christ,

  4. Oh, how neat!! I love that picture of the holly and the ones of your siblings are great too. :)

    ~ Much Love,

  5. beautiful!!!! love it livvy - awesome to live so close!