Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beautiful Flowers

Good day all!

I've been wanting to post some cheery, bright pictures, so I thought these flower ones might do the trick. :) These were taken at the Butterfly Center in Callaway Gardens.
*Sigh* They make me miss Spring so badly!

I think these pink ones are my favorites!

These look so sunny and happy!

So pretty, and quite feminine! :D

So unique!

A favorite with the butterflies.

So, what are you missing about Spring?


  1. Wow! The picture of the yellow flowers almost looks like a painting! It's beautiful.

    I miss having flowers to take pictures of! ;)

  2. I love the pictures! How do you get your "Signature" on the picture?
    God Bless,

  3. Oh, those are indeed very pretty!

  4. wonderful pics!!!! you have a talent my friend (i've said that b4... :D)
    i miss not being able to open my window all the way, lean out, hear the birds singing, and then (with your fav playdress or nightie [ i have big long shirts that fit me like dresses] on) run out, and twirl around in the rain!!! and the flowers of course :D

  5. Very pretty, Livvy!! I miss taking pictures of flowers too, but the snow is a nice change. :)

    ~ Love,

  6. Gorgeous Photography! Do you have a blog that you post all of your pictures on? I mean that's 'dedicated' for all of them?

  7. I miss being able to walk through the garden and smell the aromas of spring; Rosemary, Lemonbalm, and uncut hay! I miss falling back into the fresh, green grass with my brother and rolling in it. I miss the colors.
    Thanks for reminding me of that wonderful season.

  8. Oh, wow! Those were so beautiful!
    Hope y'all are doing well!
    ~Jeri Beth

  9. Oh my! those are beautiful flowers!!! we had some like that in Alaska before we moved:) I wish they grew down here in TX!

  10. These flower are beautiful! I have very much enjoyed reading your blog! I was specifically looking for longer articles you have written, if you could let me know which ones you would recommend I read I would be more than happy to! Here is the address to my blog,

    May God Bless you Livy!
    Abigail Prudence

  11. Truly spectacular.