Wednesday, December 16, 2009

:~: The Trip To Ohio :~: Part. 1

G'Day all!
I have finally got around to posting pictures of our vacation to Ohio! Hurrah! I must first enlighten you about some things, though. We start out in Georgia, travel through Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio till we reach Lake Erie. The trip starts out at about 4:00 in the morning, so by the time I have the camera out we are in Tennessee, just FYI.

It was very foggy, ahem, misty early in the

morning when we were driving through TN.

^ A Tennessee sunrise.^

The foliage was absolutely gorgeous.

After stopping for breakfast,

Dad drove around a bit on some winding roads.

^One of my favorite pictures from the trip.^

The camera really could not capture

the brilliant color of the trees.

I think this was in TN. While "roaming" we crossed a
huge dam, and Dad let us take a few pictures.

Notice the cars on the very top of the dam? And yes,
we crossed over it twice. Not a very pleasant
thing for some members of the family :)
This picture was taken by Dad, as only
he and mom exited the car at this location.
The rest of the trip to Ohio was uneventful, and so I will go ahead and post pictures from when we arrived. I believe the average temperature was about 40-45 degrees HIGH when we were there. It was very chilly to a bunch of Su'thun folks who just left a balmy 65 degree state.
Lake Erie and the rocks that surround it.

One view from the little deck of the vacation house.

Dad skipping stones.

A seagull mid-flight.

Shells, pebbles, stones.

A wave.
It takes a bit of nerve (or outright stupidity) to
place a camera a mere inch above and in front of moving water.

Obviously taken from a safer distance.


Smooth stones.

Fading, yet still beautiful.

Just across the small street is a playground that, for our
entire vacation, is deserted minus 7 wild banshees.
Residing less than three miles away from the
chain-link fence that surrounds the playground. Don't ask.

Emmy girl.
Emily and Ivey recently had a birthday in
which they turned 14. Happy Birthday E & I!
Ivey enjoys the most dizzying contraption in the playground.

An interesting picture of Gabe.
Ahhhh, the photography adventures that only
homeschooling families enjoy.
Ivey and Ella

Another view of what we dubbed "Mount Doom", for obvious reasons.

An interesting view of the huge tree gracing the playground.

Not sure what these were, they weren't lady bugs.
There was alot of them everywhere though.

Morning on Lake Erie. When we first arrived, there were 7 swans on the lake. They were absolutely beautiful. During the rest of our stay, we would spot them on and around the lake. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of them :(

Emily & Ivey venture down the deck to the lake.

Leaves on the shore.

All of the pretty shells and pebbles.

A few paces from our deck.

This shell was as big as my hand.

Believe it or not, rabbit tracks. 2 years ago we spotted him hopping
contentedly along the shore, then reside in between the rocks.

All of my pictures of Levi are blurry, and
you can guess why. :)

I hope you enjoyed the pictures from the first half of our vacation, y'all!

The second half will be better, because we actually left the house when those were taken. :) The pictures might not be on the blog for a week or so, but Lord willing I will be back up and posting before then.



  1. Oh! You take the most beautiful pictures! I really enjoyed seeing them!
    In Christ,
    ~Lady Florimel

  2. I LOVE to look at the beautiful pictures you take! My sister and I love looking at them.

  3. Beautiful photo's Livvy! Thank-you for sharing them. :)

  4. You take such beautiful pictures Livvy! Thanks for posting them! I live right by the great lakes but I still enjoy photos of them! I am looking forward to your next post!

  5. Oh, I loved the pictures, Livvy!!
    Thanks for sharing... I will look forward to the next picture post, dear friend. :)

    ~ Love,

  6. amazing pics Livvy!!! it's beautiful there!


  7. Ah, excellent pictures. It's cold here. Christmas has come to fast; I can't believe its almost 2010.
    Have a good day!

  8. Those are beautiful pictures. We go to Ohio each summer and it is always so pretty.

  9. How simply lovely!
    You certainly have a gift with photography~!

    Have a blessed day!


  10. These are amazing, did you take all of them? And is so what camera did you use?

  11. Hey Livvy, when are you going to send that bag, from the giveaway?

    Just wondering, let me know ok?


    Lissie Darcy

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  12. I got the bag!!

    Thanks ever so much!


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  13. Wow! Beautiful pictures Livvy! I love seeing your work!
    Glad y'all had such a good time!




  14. I love the one taken of the fence rail in the play ground. Great work!

    A fellow homeschooler,