Monday, December 28, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Today: December 28 2009.
Outside my window: Cold, sunny, frosty, with a hint of a breeze.
I am thinking: About all of the lovely gifts I received, two in particular. One of them needs to be fed. (Can you guess what it might be?)
I am thankful for: My gifts, my family, my home, and Dad taking a weeks vacation from work.
From the kitchen: The delightful aroma of coffee.
I am wearing: A tiered denim skirt, a coral colored shirt, my hair down until I can find a
hairbrush. (anyone else ever have that problem?)
I am creating: Afore mentioned items, as well as beaded bracelets.
I am going: No wheres that I know of, when Dad is off work we usually stay home.
I am reading: Glory, Duty, & The Gold Dome.
I am hoping: To start posting again!!
I am hearing: Levi toddling around and talking, mostly about "Choo Choo Rains", his favorite things.
Around the house: Everyone still kind of sleepy. A warm and cozy house can do that to you. ;)
One of my favorite things: My new gift!!! I will be revealing it to you all shortly.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Hopefully staying at home and resting from a busy season, and getting geared up for a new year.
Here is a picture I am sharing: A peek of what is to come in the next Ohio vacation post.

I hope you all enjoyed!

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  1. I have Finally posted!!!

  2. A very happy day to you, Olivia! It sounds like your gift must be a very special one . . . I look forward to seeing pictures and reading about it! I am also reading Glory, Duty, and the Gold Dome, maybe we can discuss it when we have both finished! My father is off work as well, it is so nice to have him home!

    I hope that you have a wonderfully blessed new year!

    Joyfully in Christ,
    Emily Rose

  3. Oho, I just finished Glory, Duty, and the Gold Dome, (lent to me by my good friend Aldert - 'Twas very good!

  4. hmmm...something that you have to a horse or a goat?? You've made me curious, and I'm looking forward to the picture!


  5. Hello Livvy! I enjoy your blog! I'm from CO and i'm 13 - we're christians and we homeschool.
    could i please use your white "purity" picture on my blog?

  6. Something you have to feed???
    Maybe a puppy??
    can't wait to see the pics. :)

    In Yeshua