Thursday, November 19, 2009

An Interview With The Brookshire Ladies

Recently I asked Emily Rose and Breezy Brookshire, creators of the Daughters of His Story Paper Dolls and founders of Noble Rose Press, if they would be willing to do an interview with me. They graciously accepted.

1. What gave you the idea for Historical Paper Dolls?

We were working on paper dolls for the Girlhood Home Companion Magazine, when Mom came up with the idea that we could sell our own historical paper dolls of Christian women from history.

We planned to sell them in an Etsy shop, but as things progressed plans changed. A friend suggested that we try to see if Vision Forum might be interested in them and then began the process of having to answer several important questions, such as how the dolls would be packaged, printed and priced to name a few. Through that process we were able to develop a larger entrepreneurial mindset for the project (and future projects).
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2. What inspired the name of Noble Rose Press?
It was suggested to us that we have a business name which would be the umbrella company and publishers of the Daughters of His Story Paper Dolls. Our family sat down and each began proposing company names. We first settled on Rose being in title because of the feminine appearance of the flower. Then when Breezy mentioned Noble, they seemed to fit together. In the 1828 Webster's Dictionary, Noble means: ready to receive truth of the best kind; choice; excellent. With Noble Rose Press we desire to glorify the Lord through providing excellent products that inspire girls in biblical femininity and that proclaims the truth of God's Word.
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3. When did you first become interested in being Entrepreneurs?

For a few years now we've thought about becoming entrepreneurs, but it was not until last year we set up our Etsy shops to sell art prints and hand-made items. Starting with Etsy helped us learn some basics such as using PayPal, figuring out packaging, getting familiar with shipping prices, etc.

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4. Would you mind sharing some of the hardships you faced while creating/designing/producing the paper dolls?

While creating the paper dolls we had some extra long days, and at times we would grow a little weary, but those were the days God was especially teaching us to lean on Him for strength. Once we had everything for the booklets completed, we had to correct a few color issues with the company that printed our collections. It took several tries to get a few of the colors to come out just right, which was a little discouraging at the time. But now we are more familiar with how things work, and we learned more about the process that way than if everything had gone perfect the first time.

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5. Is there any advice or resources you can give to young ladies embarking on a similar journey of entrepreneurship?

Seek out wise counsel from your parents. The wisdom of Proverbs 11:14 proved to be invaluable as we were so blessed to have wise godly counsel.
A few resources that were greatly helpful to us throughout the process of creating our own business and producing products was Vision Forum's
Entrepreneurial Bootcamp CDs, and New Venture Lab. These will help you look at the big picture of starting a home business. If you want to start small, Etsy is a great website that hosts online shops at reasonable pricing to get you started with an online business.

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6. Along with the Noble Rose Press website, where else can the Daughters of His Story paper dolls be purchased?

At this time, the Daughters of His Story Paper Dolls are also available from Vision Forum and Remembrance Press. We are hoping to expand to be able to reach more families.

Emily Rose & Breezy Brookshire are lovely ,God-fearing stay-at-home daughters with a Proverbs 31 woman vision.
They are ingenuitive entreprenuers and are a constant source of encouragement and inspiration to many young ladies. You can read more about them on their blogs; Emily Rose at Simply Vintagegirl, and Breezy at A Bowl of Moss and Pebbles.

Thank you so much dear friends! I'm sure everyone enjoyed reading more about Noble Rose Press and the Daughters of His Story paper dolls.


P.S. You can vote for Emily Rose & Breezy here, and here, if you so wish. I know they would apprciate it. :)


  1. Great interview with some wonderful advice on how to start a business... one of my goals somewhere down the road. :) Thank you for posting this, Livvy, and thank you, Brookshire ladies, for answering those questions! :)

    ~ Love in Christ,