Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Small Update

Good evening all!

I do apologize for the lack of posting and commenting. You see, our internet has been out for awhile. As a matter of fact, the last 3 posts were quickly done on my grandparents computer (the last one was a previous draft).
I also apologize for not posting the next Making A House A Home post. I would post it now, but the camera is lost (again!). If you do it and would like to post, please go ahead and do so! Lord willing, I will try and start a new session at the end of Autumn, in preparation for Winter and post about it then.
I'm very busy right now, and it looks like I will be even more so in the coming weeks.
But I will try and keep up with the blog!!

Hopefully a new post will be up soon!
Blessings and love,


  1. I have forgotten to go the MAHAH! So I need to do it this week! God Bless!


  2. That's ok Livvy!I haven't really had much to post about lately.Kinda getting frustrated with it,but hopefully I will be able to think of more stuff.:)

  3. Thats ok! I just got a new computer and all of my pictures that I have taken are on my old computer, so I have to wait until they are moved to my current computer.... so my posts might be pictureless for a day or two until we can get my pictures moved to my laptop.

  4. Hey Livvy!

    I got a Making A House A Home post up! Here is the link: Making A House A Home: The Closet

    God Bless!