Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Giveaway By Julia

Julia from Julia's Journal is giving away a customized set of earrings!

You can choose clip-ons if you don't have pierced ears. Just tell her what colors you like and if you want silver or gold findings, and what style of earrings you want. But the giveaway ends on September 30th so don't wait!

Hurry over to Julia's
blog to enter!


  1. Hi Livvy!

    Thanks for doing a post about my giveaway! :)

    Thank you also for the offer a long while back about the recipes for my cooking blog... I would love to feature some of those! Would you mind sending me some links to them so I can find them more easily?

    I'll leave you my email in another comment so you won't have to post it...

    Hope you and your family are doing well! :) It seems like I have been doing SO much since I graduated. :D


  2. Oo! I love reading Julia's blog :)

    And I love blog giveaways..hehehe

    Hope you're doing well Livvy!

    (By, the way..that is a really pretty name! I have friend who's name is Olivia, and we call her Liv, and Livvy. Actually I know 2 Olivia's! My little sister Jamesyn (3), she calls one of the Olivia's I know "Liver" because ..for some reason she adds the "e-r"? Haha. It's really cute.)

    Happy Sabbath!,


  3. I awarded you and I am also having a contest and giveaway!!

  4. Hi Livvy,
    Of course I don't mind if you add some of the songs on my playlist to yours! I have to admit that I've added a couple of songs that are on YOUR playlist to MINE a few times! :)

    ~ Love,

  5. Hey Livvy,
    I love your blog =) I'll check out that giveway, thanks..


  6. Hi Livvy,
    I found you through Marissa and Andrea.
    I thought I'd drop you a comment! We have a farm too, on 20 acres up here in MI. I like your blog...we have the same animals as you do minus the dogs (ours died :(.
    You are welcome to visit my blog too!
    Have a wonderful evening! God bless!

  7. Oh, I missed it. But I don't wear earrings and I might have lost them if they were clip-on's. The giveaway did sound neat though!