Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An Chéad Lá De Fhómhar

Or, The First Days Of Autumn.
In honor of the first days of Autumn, I decided to post some pictures from the last few Autumns at Rehoboth Farm. Here they are!
The last rose of Summer

Reepicheep on the front porch

A precious baby hand

Just look at those little fingers!

In Georgia, we have flowers nearly year-round
In Pine Mountain, taken from "Buzzard's Roost"
What we do for kicks :) JK

We bought "T-Bone" in October last year
and plan on getting another calf soon.

Caramel apples just say Autumn

So do little field mice that the dog

catches just so he can hit it and hear it squeak.

And so do soft sweaters.

Isn't his grin so cute?

A barn full of hay

You're not a proper Georgian yet if you haven't

picked up pecans from a kind friend's field.

Homemade applesauce and grape jelly.
We bought the fruit while on vacation in Port Clinton, OH.

Breathtaking Callaway Gardens

Detail of the stained glass in the Callaway Gardens Chapel

I love the light on the stone.

More Callaway pictures

This one wasn't color enhanced, nor the one before it.

One of our favorite places at Callaway.
In Pine Mountain, in front of the Callaway Country Store

A hayride in the bed of Dad's truck several years ago

Our front yard in Autumn
It's very fun to play in.


Kitties have to find some way to chase the chills.

Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam,
Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home.
By John Howard Payne
I hope you enjoyed the pictures!
Le grá agus Fómhar mian,
(In the words of my Celtic heritage language)


  1. You take some great pictures, Livvy!
    Is that your house in the last picture? It's beautiful!!

  2. Thank you, Jenna!
    Actually, a few of them were taken by my Dad or siblings, so I can only take part of the credit. :)

    Yes, it is our house! We feel very blessed to have lived in it for almost 6 years now. Wherever the Lord leads us, we will always look back at this home with fond memories. :)

    Blessings sister,

  3. What great pictures! Those carmel apples have me craving one!

  4. Thanks, Maggie!
    That picture made me want one, as well! ;)


  5. Thanks for sharing these pictures, Livvy!! They're all just beautiful. :) Have a blessed day, dear friend!

    ~ Love,

  6. I love your pictures, Livvy! Great job!

  7. Lindsay,
    Oh, well I enjoy posting them :)

    Thank you, my family really likes taking pictures, so we always have a good supply. ;)

    May you have a very blessed day, as well, dear friend!

    Thanks, & I'm glad you liked them!

    Blessings and love,

  8. These are amazing pictures Livvy!

    This is my first time stopping by your blog. :D



  9. Hello Lissie!
    Welcome to my blog. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

    Thank you, I do enjoy taking pictures and sharing them. :)

    I hope you come by often! I look forward to future visits. ;)


  10. Hi Livvy!!,

    Thanks for following me!! In return I shall do so also.

    I'm looking forwarded to my visiting here more often too!!

    In Christ,


  11. Hey Livvy!I just wanted to tell you that I have awarded you on my blog.Stop by and check it out :)

  12. Great pictures Livvy!

    Le grá agus Fómhar mian,

    I'm Irish too... :)

  13. Your house is AWESOME!! It looks so big and beautiful.

    And as a side note, the kitten in the second to last picture looks EXACTLY like my cat. I would think it's the same cat!


  14. Oh, and also, I was very sad that I didn't get to see you last week. :( I was hoping that I would be able to come with my Dad, but alas, it didn't seem to work out. We haven't seen each other in maybe 3 years? Probably longer than that!!

    Are y'all coming back anytime soon? Pretty please!

    Love Again,

  15. Hello Ladies!

    He's not much of a calf anymore, I'm afraid. :) In fact, his is bigger than a horse. He is very gentle though, he thinks he is one of us kids! Lol.

    A Sister in Christ,
    Thank you!
    It's nice to meet a fellow Irish"woman"! ;)

    Thank you, we really love it. It can be hard to keep up with sometimes, though! :)

    We have had alot of cats that look like that, and we have a few kittens now, if you are interested! ;) They are so cute!

    I know! We wanted to see you very much!!! It was sad that we were up there visiting with some other families and didn't get to visit with y'all.
    But, Lord willing, I think we will have plenty of opportunity in the coming months (and after that) to see you all!

    I believe we may try to visit CV sometime in October. We will probably decide on a specific date within a few weeks. We will have to get together then!

    With much love and many hugs,


  16. Beautiful pictures! What amazing color.