Friday, September 25, 2009

An Award

I have been awarded the Honest Scrap award by Ashley, Raquel, and Kaitlin.
Thank you ladies!

I must list 10 honest things about myself.

•I love my goat, Millie. :)

•I make lists, lots and lots of lists.

•I love very old books.

•I have (for the moment) a room of my own.

•I can remember things that happened when I was 1 year old.

•I greatly enjoy crocheting and sewing.

•I love to cook, but I'm not the best at it. (And me a Southern girl, too! Just shameful.)

•I have Irish, Scottish and Welsh ancestors, but I am mostly Irish. Agus bródúil de sé.

I love History.

I am a Perfectionist. There, I said it. :)

I award this to Camille, Sarah, & Lissie.



  1. Ahh!! Thank you so much Livvy!!

    Millie is a cute name!!

    I have a lot of Irish in me too. (I have red hair.)

    It was really nice getting to know you a little bit more. I hope we can be blogging friends :). We're both Christian girls, training to be homemakers. Besides, I don't have an older sister *hint, hint*.


  2. That was the best tag/award I've ever done Livvy...thank you so much!!

  3. I enjoyed reading your answers, Livvy!! It's always a joy to get to know you better. :)

    ~ Love in Christ,

  4. Hi Livvy~
    To think that we're so similar lol! I make a ton of lists....I'm known for list making in my family lol:)

    And, we've got alot of Irish in us too~
    As for being a perfectionest, I am the oldest (well, minus a twin) and so I have a bit of the "older sister can do it faster "thing""...not a good thing.
    Have a blessed day,

  5. Congrats on winning the award, I enjoyed reading your 10 things!

  6. Hello Ladies!

    You're very welcome!
    My sisters have red hair too, and so does my brother! Once, we were walking out of a store, and some ladies looked over and one of them remarked, "There's a bunch of Irish kids if I ever saw some!".

    We laughed over it later, because we are almost half red heads, and the other half are blondes or brunettes!

    I would love to be blogging friends, and I would be delighted to be an "older sister" to you!!

    I'm glad you liked it, I knew you would! And you're welcome!

    I'm glad you enjoyed reading them, I tried to be as honest and random as possible! ;)

    Oh dear, I can very much relate to the "do it faster/better" thing!
    I guess being a perfectionist has it's downside. It's something I need to work on. :)
    Well, those who don't make lists don't know the benefits, I suppose! ;)
    They always help me stay better organized and get things done faster. It really helps to have a list when washing/sorting/packing for a family trip, and everyone has specific clothes they need! It can be very hard to remember everything.

    Blessings and love to y'all!

  7. And thank you, Maggie!
    I'm glad you liked reading the list!


  8. Oh yeah same here, I make lists all the time and most the time never use them ;) I guess I just love making them!

    God Bless and congrats on the award!!