Monday, August 10, 2009

Pictures Of Our Trip

Good Evening!

I finally re-sized the pictures and loaded them on to blogger, so here they are!

On Friday we meant to leave at 7:30 AM, but had a little trouble getting on the road, so we ended up leaving at 2:30 instead. We enjoyed the drive (except for some awful traffic in Atlanta), and reached the town where our hotel was about 8:30 (their time).

This will hopefully end up a hat. I use the earring as a stitch marker.

Levi talks to Nane on Dad's Blackberry.
Ella enjoys the breeze from my open window.
Beautiful mountains.
Ummm, "Art"?

After getting mixed up and finally finding the hotel (after passing it twice), we went to check in. Dad, who had gone in, came back and told us that they had given away our room and that there was no more in the hotel. :(

After driving around for awhile, we finally found another hotel that would suffice, but they were out of the right sized rooms, as well. Needless to say, at this point we checked in and unloaded the van. Then, with just a few minutes to spare, we rushed into a restaurant for a light meal.
After this we headed back to the hotel and wasted no time in getting to bed. The next morning I woke up and ironed everyone's outfits then promptly got everyone else up (meaning the children, of course). As it turns out, the hotel served breakfast. Our other hotel did not. So, for a wonderful price, we were blessed with a much nicer hotel. :)

After eating a dreadfully rushed rather quick breakfast, we loaded the van and headed out. We found the towns square and moseyed for a bit, then went out to explore some back roads. Now, by explored, I mean accidentally explored. AKA getting lost on unfamiliar territory.

"Art" again.

A pretty little farm where we bought a bushel of green beans.

Just as we thought we were "out of the woods".......

we came across this huge beech tree.

After finding our way out of a terrible maze of dirt roads, we headed over to some friend's house for the rest of the evening and had a wonderful, blessed time.

We ended up leaving a 9:30(!), and were sleeping in our own beds by 4:20 AM.
Altogether, we had a wonderful & blessed week-end.

Curious as to where we went?
My family and I traveled up to a little town in middle Tennessee. We had a lovely time visiting friends, getting lost, enjoying the scenery, and just being together as a family. We hope to go back soon, perhaps leave a little earlier this time, even. :)




  1. Hi Livvy,
    It sounds like you and your family had a fun weekend! I love taking trips. :) Thanks for sharing the pictures. I really enjoyed looking at them! :)

    ~ Blessings,

  2. Nice pictures! I'm glad y'all had a good time. Crocheting is so much fun, and a great way to pass time :D.Who's the hat for?

  3. How fun, Livvy!

    Very nice pictures;) I enjoyed hearing your story of the trip~

    In Christ Alone,

  4. wow! looks like y'all had a peaceful yet fun week..glad y'all had fun!

    In Christ,

    Annie W.

  5. Is there a chance this little town is CENTERVILLE?!?!? I'm very curious...;)


  6. Looks like it was fun!
    What confusion with the hotels!
    I'm glad you had fun though!

  7. Looks like fun! We just came home from a trip yesterday. :)