Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Song Made Beautiful

I do not listen to Love Story when sung by Taylor Swift, but I found this a breathtakingly beautiful rendition and wanted to share it. The man who wrote the arrangement has five young children and I believe he is a Christian. He has written many arrangements of hymns and other songs and sells the music as PDF documents for 99 cents a piece on his website. He also has his own fantastic compositions for sale.

Enjoy the beautiful day!


  1. I enjoy Taylor Swift (some of her)
    Too bad this wouldnt' show up...

  2. Hello Earwen!
    You mean the video wouldn't show up?
    My brother was helping me edit the post a lot earlier, so perhaps you came by during that time.

    I've checked the post on both of our computers and it shows up fine.
    If it still won't come up for you, just comment again and I'll try to figure out the problem.


  3. Very beautiful! It worked perfect for me...
    ~Sarah Grace

  4. Wow! I've only hear "Love Story" once, but Viva la Vida happens to be my brothers' favorite song. I love the arrangement, We already have Pachabel meets U2 and All of Me and I loved them. Mr. Schmidt is really talented. :)


  5. Livvy,
    I've heard that song sung by Taylor Swift, and it is a beautiful tune!! Thanks for sharing this really neat arrangement!



  6. Hello girls!

    Sarah Grace, thank you for commenting. Hopefully the video will continue to work now. :)

    We also bought Pachabel, along with Ridin' West and a few others. They truly are beautiful Piano songs. I can't wait till this one is available!

    How have you been?
    Is it really hot up there yet?
    Yes, it really does have a very pretty melody.
    Glad you enjoyed it!

    *Hugs back*