Monday, June 8, 2009

Putting Food By

The title of this post in is memory of my great-grandmother who passed away at 96 last year. "Granny" grew up in a big family and knew the importance of storing food for days to come. Her recipe for green pepper jelly won a blue ribbon at the Georgia State Fair when Mama entered it years ago. So saying, Mom and I love to "put by" (as Granny phrased it) as many fruits and/or vegetables as possible each year. This usually includes strawberry jelly, huckleberry jelly from our own wild bushes, blackberry jelly from more wild bushes, tomatoes, and something along the lines of salsa or applesauce. It often depends on what we pick (at pick-your-own fields), our gardens production or if we can find a bushel of good apples at a good price. Lately we've been reading a few blogs on the subject of canning and are very encouraged to start doing more than normal. Perhaps we will put up some of our own beans or corn this year. It's possible that we might even try canning our goat's milk.
If you go picking, it's a little late to go to pick-your-own strawberry fields if you live in the south, but peach, blackberry and blueberry places should still be open through the rest of the spring and summer. In autumn, look for apple picking orchards. For a list of pick-your-own fields and farms, look through your states agricultural paper (Go here if you live in Georgia). Or you might be able to search the internet for places. Enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables during the winter and for many months to come by putting them up. It is always very rewarding to walk into a pantry full of pretty glass jars that will sustain you and keep your family fed well.

Just don't forget the pectin. :)



  1. It feels so productive to "put up" food doesn't it?! This year we've done: Strawberries, blueberries, broccoli and pears. A kind man that we know has given all of it too us.

    By the way, I just noticed that you changed your background and added family pictures...I really like it:)


  2. Hello Jenna!
    Wow, you've got alot done so far!

    It's so nice when we are blessed by others isn't it? I think it's a wonderful reminder that even the little things we do to bless others can mean so much.

    Mom and I hope to start picking blackberries and huckleberries soon. Lord willing our tomato bushes will be giving us a bounty of red fruit very soon, enough to eat now and later. :)

    Thank you! I thought that this background was a little more gentle and feminine than the last. Hopefully I won't be changing it for a long time!
    With the pictures I hope to be more easily understood (or less confusing) when I refer to members of my family. ;)