Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Poem

This is one of my favorite poems. It always makes me stop and think about how wrong atheists, evolutionists and all others who deny our Lord, really are.

The Atheist
By William Knox

The fool hath said, "There is no God."

No God! Who lights the morning sun,
And sends him on his heavenly road
A far and brilliant course to run?
Who, when the radiant day is done,
Hangs forth the moon's noctournal lamp,
And bids the planets one by one,
Steal o'er the night vales, dark and damp?

No God! Who gives the evening dew
The fanning breeze, the fostering shower?
Who warms the spring morn's budding bough?
And plants the summer's noontide flower?
Who spreads the autumnal bower,
The fruit tree's mellow stores around?
And sends the winters icy power
To invigorate the exhausted ground?

No God! What makes the bird to wing
Its flight like arrow through the sky,
And gives the deer the power to spring
From rock to rock triumphantly?
Who formed Behemoth huge and high
That at a draught the river drains
And great Leviathan to lie,
Like floating isle in ocean plains?

No God! Who warms the heart to heave
With thousand feelings soft and sweet,
And prompts the aspiring soul to leave
The earth we tread beneath our feet,
And soar away on pinions' feet
Beyond the scenes of mortal strife,
With fair ethereal forms to meet
That tell us of the after life?

No God! Who fixed the solid ground
Of pillars strong, that alter not?
Who spread the curtained skies around?
Who doth the ocean bounds allot?
Who all things to perfection brought
On earth below, in heaven above?
Go ask the fool of impious thought,
Who dares to say, "There is no God."

Blessings to you,

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