Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Kitten Foofy

I have no earthly idea why they wanted to name her Foofy, so don't ask me.
Anyway, "Foofy" is about 7 weeks old. She is Levi's personal pet, at least he thinks so. :)

She isn't very affectionate, but she is so funny! Her fur is almost an inch long, but instead of laying down, it sticks up. Her tail it short compared to the rest of her and it's very fuzzy. She has faint tabby stripes with gray seal points. Her paws are huge, as are her round blue eyes.

She loves to play in the kitchen, usually on the rug or under the table where it's difficult for anyone to catch her.

Her favorite way to escape certain people is to sit on the computer desk with her head almost on the speakers, usually playing one song or another. She sleeps like this. Sitting up.

I'm sure she would stay there for hours, only she never gets the chance.

She also seems to like my arm. :)

She also loves Ella's doll house. Her favorite game is "try-to squeeze-your-head-through-the-door-or-window-while-grabbing-the-opponents-finger". It's hilarious to watch. The pictures aren't very good, I was laughing too hard and she was moving too quickly.


"I thinbk I'm sthubck"

The house looks considerably harmless from the outside, but inside lurks the dreaded Foofy.

She looks like she falls asleep smiling.

She also loves the sofa and love seat. This means before anyone sits down, they must first check all the cushions and behind the pillows. Let's hope they always remember to check......

Hope y'all enjoyed the pictures.




  1. Oh, Livvy, I really enjoyed these pictures! Foofy is adorable!! I love cats... they're so cute. :)

    ~ Blessings,

  2. Thank-you for following my blog!
    We have two cats which we found in our barn loft. My cat, Tiki, loves to sleep up high on the top of our printer! (it's up on a shelf in our school)
    We also have to be very carful when sitting down. If we get up from the table to get a drink or something, they will jump up on our chair.
    Your cat looks so cute! (that must mean she gets away with alot) :)
    God Bless,

  3. Thanks for following me,
    your kitten is so cute!

  4. What a little cutie pie:) Enjoy that naughty kitten stage!!