Friday, June 12, 2009

A Modest Swimsuit

Emily in her swimsuit last year

Hi girls!

I'm sure all of y'all know how hard it is to find pretty, modest clothing.
And during the summer, one of the many things we do that require being extra careful about modesty is swimming.

Usually the one thing we have to resort to for modesty is shorts and a t-shirt or a t-shirt over a bathing suit. It makes for somewhat unpleasant and uncomfortable swimming and if you're at the beach, the sand sticks and rubs. If there is one thing we (and our Brothers) wish we could find in the modesty catergory, it is swimsuits!

Well, I have some wonderful and much needed news!
The year before last, mom found a fantastic site that sells well made, pretty, modest swim suits! The young lady who started the company is committed to modesty, purity and is a stay-at-home daughter.
You can buy her suits pre-made or custom ordered.
Or, if you prefer to make your own, you can buy the pattern in women's, girls, and children's sizes. She also has excellent quality Lycra swimsuit fabric in solids and floral patterns for sale.

When we bought our 4 swimsuits custom made, the price was good and they came very fast considering that she had to measure, cut, sew and ship the suits during the middle of her businesses busy season.

If you want to swim modestly and comfortably at the beach and at home, then I encourage you to go over to her site and buy a swimsuit or pattern.
You can buy the swimsuits for a considerably good price. Especially if you buy them pre-made.

If you're sewing your suits and prefer a different pattern than she has for sale, then you can look on eBay for a wider selection of fabric.

Her site's web address is
I hope you take a look!

Also, FYI, before you run out to enjoy the summertime, forget that sunscreen. Did you know that the average sunscreen is much more harmful than good, can even increase the chance of getting skin cancer, causes skin cell damage and keeps your skin from being able to produce Vitamin D by 95%+.

Most contain many nasty chemicals that you would never think of putting on yourself or little siblings. But we do need to keep our skin from harmful rays and burning, so I suggest buying an all natural sunscreen. After looking around, this product seems to be the best out there for protection, price and you should be able to find it in a drugstore.

Of course, if you're wearing a "Simply Modest" bathing suit, than only your face, arms and little bit of your neck will need protection. See why it's better to be modest? :)

Emily and Ivey in our Grandparents pool




  1. Hi Livvy,
    Thanks for commenting and following my blog. :) It's so nice to "meet" other like-minded young ladies. You have a lovely blog, and I look forward to getting to know you better! :)

    ~ Love in Christ,

  2. They're so lovely! I don't think I'll be ordering any though because they show the neck, arms and legs and that's just not modest! :-( I like the ones from here

    see how sweet the pink one in the middle is!

  3. I have a swimsuit from here and like it a lot. I used to wear normal swimsuites, but now I would feel way to immodest Another great site is :).

  4. Hello Ladies!

    Anon, thank you for your comment. I understand how these would seem immodest, I appreciate your thoughts. One of my favorite things about the suits are being able to customize. Miss Crystal allows you to choose how long you would like the leggings, sleeves, etc. to be. Thanks for the link!

    Thank you for stopping by!
    I know just how you feel; it feels very immodest to wear "store bought" swimsuits to me after wearing these.
    Thank you for your link, also!


  5. Thank you - I did not realize you could customize the length :-) Maybe I will get one! Than you for the link