Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just-In-Case Food Storage

In the last few weeks, mom and I have been discussing emergency food storage and have been rapidly filling up our little kitchen hutch down in the basement with sustaining food.

So far we have staples such as sugar, tea, rice, salt, marinades, flour, dried pinto beans, bullion cubes, a huge jug of oil, rice pilaf mixes, & pasta.
We have canned vegetables, tomato paste, pasta sauce, & packaged whole milk. We also have hand sanitizer, fruit juice, vinegar, energy vitamin drinks, spices, many condiments, canned soup, crackers, chicken broth, canned chicken, canned salmon, boxed pancake mix & syrup and oatmeal etc, etc. And we are still adding to it.

This is only a couple of weeks worth of food for our family, but I think it's a good start. We also have plenty of wheat and pork. Lord willing, in about 4 months we will also have a large amount of fresh, organic beef.
We would love to raise some meat chickens, perhaps soon. The pigs in the backyard were made into what we raised them for several months ago, so we already have a freezer full of pork. But that is quickly diminishing.
All together, most of the food, not including the meat, cost us under $40. Much of it Mom buys on sale along with coupons. What we don't put in the pantry goes down to the hutch.
I'm wondering if any of you have been doing something similar to this?
I would love to hear about what you're doing!


  1. We have freeze dried foods that we get from Emergency Essentials. We also butcher our own steer for organic beef.

    We go to Costco next week!

    ~Livi/Lady Olivia

    p.s. I enjoy organizing the pantry ;)

  2. Hey,my name is Annie W.,I'm 14 yr. old. I'm also a christian and love the Lord. i have a rather 'big' family i guess 4 sibilings and of course 2 parents. I found ur site roaming about from diff. blogs..and i must say i love it! I love the farm it's so cute and ur family looks so sweet and they seem so close. I also love the cat pics and photography..Well i'll be checking back soon..God Bless,

    Annie W.:)
    (sorry,i don't have a blog or account yet..:( )

  3. Hello Annie!
    Welcome to my blog! I'm delighted that you stopped by and left a comment.
    Thank you for the sweet compliments, they are very flattering. ;)

    It's so nice that you have a big family as well!
    I hope you comment often, I so enjoyed the comment you left.
    Please be sure to tell me when you get a blog, I would love to read it!

    With love and blessings,

  4. Hi Livvy:

    Great idea!

    I read a book several weeks ago you may have already read, or might find helpful:
    Emergency food storage & survival handbook : everything you need to know to keep your family safe in a crisis, by Peggy Layton.
    I can't remember if she was a Christian or not, but she talks a lot about natural foods.

  5. Hi Stephen!
    Thank you, I'll have to see about getting my hands on a copy of that, it sounds very good.

    Have y'all been doing anything like this?


  6. We haven't been as diligent as y'all have been, but my sisters have put up alot of garden produce. We have quite a bit of dehydrated stuff from our Y2K frenzy (as most folks probably do!) but we're starting to store salt and other drygoods.

    It's funny that you mentioned your mom using the coupons, my mom and several of the other moms in our valley have been doing the same thing.

  7. Hi Stephen!
    I'm sure y'all are way ahead of us in quantity though! We only have enough put away to last us about 2-3 weeks, so we have a ways to go.

    We have some stuff from Y2K as well, but I think Mike took the canned oatmeal to attract some deer. :)
    Yes, Mom used to do alot more of the "coupon thing", but she's slowed down some. It's a wonderful way to stock up on toothbrushes for free, though. ;)

    Please tell the family I said hello!


  8. Hi, Its important you have food containers for emergency purposes :)It's funny that you guys have mentioned your mom using the coupons, my mom used a lot of coupons thing as well. :)