Thursday, June 25, 2009

It Can Never Be Good...

When you walk out to the chicken coop to take pictures of the pretty brown and blue eggs, and THIS is what you find instead. In the lower middle nest box.

But then you find the rest of it in the upper corner nest box devouring your eggs.
It's obvious I didn't take the time to put the camera settings to rights, as after he recovered from the flash he hissed at me then slithered away under the chicken coop. Now, normally it is not I who brings in the eggs, it's little hands that reach into the boxes before looking first.

This makes me very thankful that I was the one who discovered the snake. He didn't have a rattle as I took a good look at his tail before I went looking for the rest of him. This is the same thing that happened last year, only Mike and Dad killed that one. Unfortunately, I was not in the right position to dispatch him, and my gun-toting brother was in the house. Anyhow, we had plans of burning the old coop. I guess this means we will be doing it sooner rather then later.
This explains why more than half of our chickens do not lay in the coop, why we don't get half as many eggs as we used to (even when gathered from their little hidden nests), and why the cats stopped going under the coop to catch mice.

I really hate snakes.
Before I made the trip to the chicken coop I had been taking pictures of my garden. Here Pearl is resting in the shade of my bean plants.

These are Tabasco peppers

These are Roma tomatoes

This is a visitor to my beans

And this is the biggest cucumber plant.

Obviously, my garden has grown since I took the other pictures and posted them. I have many delicate little blossoms everywhere! The grape tomato plants have tiny green tomatoes hanging from them and they will need bigger stakes soon. The zucchini is spreading it's little branches and all of the peppers have dozens of buds. The cucumbers have started to climb up my fence. The squash doesn't seem to be as eager to do so. I suppose we will just have wait and see if they end up climbing it. Lord willing, in a few weeks we can be eating off my garden.
Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Hi Livvy,
    That's scary. I don't like snakes either! Your garden looks great though. I have a question: how do you put those frames around your pictures? It gives them a nice touch. :)

    ~ Love in Christ,

  2. Oh, and I forgot to tell you that I love your new header! It's really pretty. :)

    ~ Blessings,

    P.S. - Sorry for all the comments!

  3. Hello Lindsay!

    Thank you, hopefully the experience in growing my garden will be a blessing to both myself and my family.

    In answer to your question;

    The photo-editing program I use is PhotoScape. I really love all of the things you can do on it, especially adding a frame. There are many different ones to choose from; so far I've used the transparent frame and the black frame. I also used the gradient frame on my profile picture.
    I hope this helps you!

    P.S, thank you, as a matter of fact, I made the header on PhotoScape as well!


  4. much as you may not have like your visitors, I at least enjoyed the pictures (snake/grasshopper).



  5. i would have started screaming. the only time i ever have met a snake (it was only a garden one, so half as scary) was when i practically stepped on it will on a walk. but that wasn't experience was.

  6. Hi Livvy,
    Thanks for answering my question! That helped a lot.

    Oh, I wanted to tell you that I've tagged you. Come to my blog for details. :)

    ~ Love in Christ,

  7. Aah! Thank you God that your younger sibs didn't go in there first!! *phew* Cool garden.

  8. This is just too scary for words........... I am so pleased none of the littles went to fetch the eggs that day but it also makes you an incredibly brave girl.



  9. "I really hate snakes." :) So does my sister. Judging from the newest post on your family's blog, I'd say you don't have to worry about these particular snakes anymore. Buck or birdshot does tend to diminish a snake's nastiness.
    Your blog is quite nice, and I look forward to reading it. (How many blogs does your family have?? :) )
    Yours in the Faith,