Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Garden

Hello there!

How are you today?
I'm feeling wonderful and enjoying today as a Gift that's been given to me.

For this post I want to share some pictures of my garden that I took a week or so ago.

We've been growing gardens for about 6+ years now, and this year seems to be one of the best yet. Dad planted an enormous amount of corn and pearl millet. Mike planted about 6 dozen potato plants which are doing fantastic, and all 13 of our tomatoes plants are doing extremely well, and producing amazing amounts of little green tomatoes. This year though, mom said I could grow a small garden of my own. So about 3 weeks ago we bought some plants and seeds and Mike tilled the area for me and I fenced it. If you have chickens and goats you don't need to ask about the fence. :)

Here is what I planted:

}2 Grape tomatoes plants

}1 Roma tomato plant

}3 Bell peppers, one each of yellow, red & orange

}1 each of Tabasco, Banana, & Jalapeno peppers

}8 Straight neck squash

}8 slicing/pickling cucumbers

}3 Zucchini plants

}2 Eggplants

}Some little Radish seeds

}Pole bean seeds

}Butter bean seeds

The peppers, radishes, beans & tomatos seem to be doing good so far. The poor eggplant was half eaten by a caterpillar or something though. :( But perhaps it will come back?

I just spread some chicken litter on most everything so hopefully a growth spurt should come soon.
Dad bought some straw and hay for mulch and so far weeding has been extremely easy and pleasant. Here are some pictures:

From one corner of the garden

One of the cucumber plants

The Roma tomato

"Rattlesnake" variety of beans

Little radish sprouts

One of the bell peppers

Since the pictures were taken about 2 weeks ago everything has grown a good deal. The tomatos have little flowers as do the zucchini and bell peppers.
Lord willing, in a few weeks we will be harvesting some of our tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers from the big garden. The corn and potatoes will be harvested this fall.

Spring just got here but for us folks in the South the summer has already begun. The weather is beautiful, with the bright sunshine and the big fluffy clouds in the sky. Even if it is ever so slightly too warm.
Mike has been cutting the grass in our 3 acre front yard and the smell just says summer. I love the smell of freshly cut grass. I also love the smell of rain, honeysuckle, morning outdoors, tomato plants, peaches, strawberries and the iced tea boiling away on the stove in the summertime.
One of the things that makes the heat almost pleasant is sweating and working outside for awhile then coming indoors where it's nice and cold for a drink of lemonade or the like.

Well, I must be going.
Enjoy today, it was given to you by the Lord!

Blessings to you,


  1. Beautiful garden, Livvy! I, too, love gardens. Our family has planted a large garden again this year (corn, squash, onions, etc.) and I planted my own little flower garden near the house! It's been so fun. Flowers are so fun to grow - they're one of God's best gifts!

  2. Beautiful garden pictures Livvy!

    Many blessings to you too,

  3. Rachel,
    Welcome to my blog. I've read yours before and found it very enjoyable. I find gardening so much fun, and flowers are a lovely way to keep the yard beautiful!

    I hope you come by often!

    Thank you!
    Taking pictures for the blog is one of my favorite things to do!