Thursday, April 30, 2009

Today is a Gift

Treasure it. Embrace your family and the ones you love. The Lord gave us today, don't take it for granted. Tomorrow things may change. Thank God for every breath He gives you. He is the Author of our days. Tomorrow might completely change your life.
How amazing is each and every blessing.

Thank the Lord for His love.


  1. Thank you, Ma'am. I'm very glad you thought so!

    ~Livvy P.

  2. Dear Livvy,

    How I glorify God as I read your blog and saw you wonderful testimony of Him!

    You lead such an interesting life! It sounds wonderful! And how blessed you are to be schooled at home! God will reward you and your parents.

    I am a Georgia girl. I say that with a smile for I am now a grandmother of four.

    My husband is a pastor, so we have moved around a bit and now live in Alabama. But beloved Georgia is our home.

    May you be blessed with a prosperous day in the Lord Jesus Christ!

    In His Love,