Saturday, April 18, 2009

Meet Millie

As some of y'all might remember, I posted about a year ago about the goat I owned. Well, unfortunately, Anni and her kids were sold back in Fall. Anni was such a big goat (a Nubian/Toggenburg) we couldn't keep her fenced. It was awful. And because she was machine-milked, she did not like to cooperate when being hand milked. But she was the sweetest goat we ever owned. I regret I didn't know some things then that I know now. Since then I have been reading and studying much harder than before, and armed with a heavy dose of experience, I asked Mom and Dad if I could try again. They had invested so much in Anni. But after some thought, they said yes. So, already having looked for a suitable milk goat and finding one that fit the bill, I set off to prepare for her. Much of my time the last week or so has been devoted to building a pen and stanchion.

Last night we went to pick up the doe. She is a little shy, but I think she'll warm up soon. She has a little 2 week old buckling with her. Being what looks to be a Saanen/Mini Nubian (?) she is a creamy white color with slightly long ears and is rather "tiny". The kids sire was a Nigerian Dwarf so he is really little also. I will probably have to disbud him soon. :(

Since the previous owners just called her "nanny" I've decided to name her something different. "Millie" was agreed upon and "Billy" or "Andy" for the kid.

So far I have all the lumber I need for the stanchion, and after some hard work and a nasty wasp sting, I finally got the pen built. Emmy (my little sister) helped so much, that I'm sure I never would have been able to do all that without her. Hopefully since today is Saturday, Dad and I will have the stanchion built. The saw is a intimidating thing to a neophyte. :)

I probably won't need the stanchion till Monday as that is when I will be able to milk Millie. The de-wormer that was used on her will be out of the milk by then. She seems to have a very small udder, this being her first kidding. She wasn't at all milked when she had her kid 2 weeks ago either, so I hope that Millie will have enough milk for the kid and a little for us soon. We will try to get her bred back again in the Fall, so she will hopefully give more then.

A few weeks ago Mom found an ad for some free chicks in our area, so we quickly went and got some. 13 free chicks are wonderful blessing. Only 2 are standards, the rest are Bantys (mini chickens). Today Gabe and I made a little pen for them to run around outside in.

Some of the other chickens came over to investigate all the cheeping.

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend!



  1. Hi Livvy!

    Your goat is very cute! We have a goat named Millie. :) With those ears, she definatly has some nubian in her, probably mini nubian like you said. But you said she is more on the small side. Saanen's are the biggest dairy goat. They are huge! So maybe she has Alpine in her, not Saanen?

    We have about 30 goats right now. Nubians, Mini Nubians, La Manchas, Nigerian Dwarfs, and Boers. We are milking our three La Manchas. I love goats milk! Let me know how milking goes!

  2. Hello Ashley!

    Thank you, she acts so dainty, mom said she should have pink ribbons on her ears. :)

    I am rather confused about her lineage. I asked the previous owner what she was, and he said that the owner before him claimed she was a Saanen but they just didn't have the papers, so I am left wondering....

    Well, maybe one of these days I'll figure it out. Maybe. :)


  3. I think she would look lovely with ribbons! :) lol