Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Georgia Aquarium

Hello all!
A few weeks ago Dad took us to the Georgia Aquarium while we were in Atlanta. It was a wonderful way to see some underwater life up close that you usually only see pictures of. There were many different types of fish and sharks, and a few other creatures. Gabe came home telling Mom and Dad that he wanted an Asian otter for his birthday. :)

Here are the pictures, so enjoy!

Ella thought the lobsters looked like spiders.

Tiny seahorses in one of the exibits.

A large room where the first big tank was.

We got to experience seeing some jellyfish up close.

These jellyfish were actually quite small. About 7 inches across the top.

Cuttlefish are related to squid and have 8 tentacles. They're actually not fish but molluscs. A recent study suggests that they are the most intelligent invertebrate species.

As they descend lower to the sand, they change to a darker color.

Levi greatly enjoyed seeing the fish and otters.

'Gators galore!

The alligators in this tank also lived with turtles and freshwater clams, I think.

A piranha in one of the fish exhibits

One of the petting tanks held anemone and starfish.

Japanese crabs .


Beluga whales brought from a Mexico City exhibit.

Gabe wanted his picture taken in the eery blue light.

A view of the sting ray and sharks from the tunnel.


The huge 6.3 million gallon tank in which the whale sharks live. The divers also swim here.

The plexi-glass is 2 feet thick in this tank.

An indoor waterfall. Gabe wants one for his otter playroom.

The Eurasian otters.

Another petting tank with sharks and sting rays.

A fish that was thought to be extinct several years ago.

Outside the aquarium in downtown Atlanta.
The clouds were beautiful and it was cool and breezy.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Oh, that looks like fun! We went there a few years ago on Christmas, and it was SO crowded!! But, we still enjoyed it. I'd like to go again sometime!

    Lovely pictures, btw!


  2. Hi Camille!

    Thanks for stopping by!
    There wasn't too many people when we went. There were so many different kinds of marine animals.

    But we all agreed afterward that the Chattanooga aquarium was much more pleasant. We went there about 4-5 years ago. Have you ever been that one?

    Well, got to run. Have a great St. Patrick's Day!


    P.S Can't wait to visit y'all! (Hopefully soon!)

  3. How fun! I love the waterfall. I have been to an aquarium here in Texas. It's pretty big.
    ~Miss Hannah~

  4. Hi Livvy!

    Wonderful pictures! I've been to the GA aquarium several times, and I recognized some of the exhibits from your photos! :) I love the big creatures like the whale sharks and the beluga whales. :D

    It was so nice meeting you at the Christians at the Crossroads conference! :) I wish we had had a bit more time to get to know each other.

    I hope you're having a wonderful day! :)

  5. How fun Livvy! You got some really nice pictures...I'll bet that it was a fun trip to go on:)


  6. Hey, I went to the conference AND have been to the Aquarium!!
    isn't it the coolest!?

  7. No, Livvy, I haven't been to the Chattanooga one, but I've heard that it's really nice, so maybe we can go sometime.

    Blessings to y'all!


  8. I thought that one looked familiar...I had no idea they had WHALE SHARKS in captivity...that's glorious. Now this, or some similar aquarium, is on my bucket list.

    Oh, btw, I'm Spencer. Hi! I like the looks of your blog. :-)

  9. Thank you all for the wonderful comments, ladies!

    Nice to meet you & welcome to my blog! Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I hope you enjoy the time you spend here!