Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Tag

Hi girls!

My brother, Mike, tagged me again!
This tag is about 7 different things you did in 2008.

A book I read: The Princess Adelina. I highly recommend reading this!

A moment I will always remember: This year has been incredibly full of things I will always remember. Good and bad.

A new skill I acquired: I finally mastered knitting!

A movie I watched: LOTR

A lesson I learned: When milking a snooty (& very big) goat, always proceed with caution. Ouch.

A new place I visited last year: Chickamauga, GA

An inspiring verse or quote: Psalms 23

I tag: Jenna, Crystal, , Sarah B., Camille, Emily, and anyone who wants to do it!

The rules:1. Fill in your memories of 2008.

2. Link my blog to yours

3. Tag others and let them know they've been tagged.



1 comment:

  1. I just saw that you tagged me Livvy! I've have actually done this tag 2x already, so if you go to my blog on the labels, under blog awards is where those are!!!

    Thank you for tagging me Livvy:)
    Your sister in Christ,