Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm back!! No, wait...... gone again. Oh well.

Hello everyone!

I'm so sorry about the promised post!!! I have been extremely busy and life has been so crazy the last month.
Keeping up with the conference, family things, our house.....

The Crossroads conference starts tomorrow, so today we will be at the venue setting up and getting ready. My main job tomorrow will be at the registration table checking names off a list and handing out name tags.

Oh, I have some good news! Dad bought a camera just like our beloved old one off of ebay and we received it in the mail today!
I promise, even if it has just 3-4 pictures with it, I will tell y'all about the conference.

..... till I return (probably Tuesday) here is a poem and a few blogs to read.

Don't Trouble
Author Unknown

Don't you trouble trouble
Till trouble troubles you.
Don't you look for trouble;
Let trouble look for you.

Who feareth hath forsaken
The heavenly Father's side;
What He hath undertaken
He surely will provide.

The very birds reprove thee
With all their happy song;
The very flowers teach thee
That fretting is a wrong.

"Cheer up" the sparrow chirpeth;
"Thy Father feedeth me;
Think how much He careth,
Oh, lonely child, for thee"

"Fear not," the flowers whisper;
"Since thus He hath arrayed
The buttercup and daisy,
How canst thou be afraid?"

Then don't you trouble trouble
till trouble troubles you;
You'll only double trouble,
And trouble others, too.

Hope you enjoyed that poem, it's one of my favorites.

To give you something else to do, I'll give you two of my favorite blogs.

The first one is Eyes of Wonder. This is the sweetest lady! Her family is so precious. She is one of the people that you wish lived next door.

The other lady is Mias Country Living. She lives in Norway, half of her posts are in Norwegian, the other half are in English. She sews the prettiest things!

Well, I must be going.




  1. That is a nice poem! I know what you mean about being busy, I can hardly find a free moment throughout my day.

  2. Hello Olivia! I really like that poem (I read it aloud to my family) and how it incorporated the sparrow and how our Father feedeth it. Thank you for posting it, such a good reminder!

    It was such a pleasure to get to meet you and some of your family! You are such a sweet young lady, I enjoyed getting to visit with you. I am looking forward to, Lord willing, visiting more with you at the F&D Retreat. :)

    Emily Rose
    My Blog:

    P.S. I noticed that you had Breezy's Drawing Blog button on your sidebar. Sorry it's been so long since she posted there, we keep her so busy! ;)

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    Thank you Livvy,
    LAuren Ann

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    Lauren Ann

  5. Hey Livvy,

    I got tagged again, so can I please, please tag you?

    God Bless,

  6. I have writen another post, and all current followers NEED to go over there. I am sorry, but yes, this is a copyied message. Even if you follow blog, I still need you to stop following 'As one of Seven'. That way I will delete it sooner.

    Lauren Ann

  7. I have no idea when you will read this, so I will give you all the details, because my blog might be deleted by then. Sorry, I absolutly hate it when I end up having so many commments. (especially on the same subject) I am deleting AS ONE OF SEVEN so I would love it if you stopped following it and followed my other blog.

    Lauren Ann