Monday, February 16, 2009

The Film Festival photos

Hello y'all!
Please accept my apologies for taking so long in getting the pictures out. Life has been crazy.
So, without further ado, here are the pictures of our trip last month.


There were wonderful films, as well as families there. The Von Trapp children sang for everyone the entire weekend, and the Duggar family was there with a Discovery film crew.

Here is the inside of the convention center.
This is where the registration tables are located.

Levi seemed to enjoy himself.
Here is the main theater where the opening, as well as closing ceremonies are held. They also play some of the films here.

Our hotel seemed nice enough. Along with no locks on the bathroom and tiny rooms, the hotel came with a complimentary Ivey. Easily stored away when needed and useful for taking pictures of random places and things.

...such as the elevator.

Gabe on the river walk. They were draining the river while we were there, so it wasn't as pretty as normal.

The Menger Hotel is one of the historic buildings in SA and happens to be our favorite place to eat.

The inside of the Menger's lobby.
After not seeing Mike for almost a week (he went to the Academy) it seemed we didn't have enough time to talk the whole weekend.

The beautiful Alamo.

The last day was the best by far. At the closing ceremonies 15 minutes before the doors to the theater opened, 2500 people were all crammed together in a very small amount of space, waiting to get good seats. It was every man for himself and his family. We were able to get some very nice seats, though. Not far from the front.

As to the terrific news I referred to earlier, Dad won 3rd and 1st in the Treatment category!!! We were so surprised and happy!

Here is a picture of Dad accepting the trophy and thanking everyone. Mr. Botkin is standing beside him.

Later after the ceremonies were over, all the people who won gathered in a back room for pictures. Our good friends, the Moores, entered a feature length film that not only won Audience Choice award, but the Best of Festival award. The $101,000 award. We are so happy for them. Without a doubt, their film was the best at the Festival. If you want a copy of their movie, which I highly recommend buying, you can order it from or download it at

Ella shows off the DVD Dad bought her. This movie was Ella's favorite.

In the closing ceremonies, Gabe sat beside Mr. Stephen Kendrick and his son. They enjoyed each other's company while waiting for all the pictures to be taken in the back room.

After awhile Mike walked into the hallway where he was quickly swarmed with fellow baby-lovers. ;)

Another picture of beautiful San Antonio.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the pictures!




  1. How fun Livvy! Thanks for posting all of those pictures:) I had fun looking at all of them~


  2. Great Pictures. they are so Awsome!
    I enjoy your Blog.

    Your sister in christ


  3. Hi, Livvy,
    You said that you tagged me, but I can't seem to find it ~ could you direct me to it?

    Thank you!

    ~Camille S.~