Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Christians at the Crossroads conference


I finally got around to loading up the pictures for the Crossroads conference.

The weather was perfect, with sunshine the whole week-end, and warming temperatures.

Here is the "fountain" outside the convention center. The convention center used to be a place where cannons were made for the war in the 1850's-1860's. It was restored not long ago and now is used for the prettiest convention center I know of.

Thursday evening we set up the recording system and made sure everything was just right. This picture was taken when Mike, Ivey, and Gabe ran out to greet the Botkins. Emily and I were looking out an upstairs window.

Here is the room where all the speaking was. We were there for about 3 hours and were privileged to meet some of the families who were coming the next day. They came to see where everything was going be. This picture was taken just before we all left for the night.

Here is a picture that was taken from the back of the room. We had 500 chairs set out that night.

~Chatting away~. Unfortunately, the Botkin family was still getting over that same flu which we recovered from awhile ago. Mr. Botkin was the worst, yet faithfully kept speaking the entire week-end.

On Friday morning, we arrived bright and early for registration. My job was made easy with the help of a friend and Em and Iv.

Over 700 people were swarming the small room where the speaking was going to be by mid-morning. We were expecting 500 or so to come, but were extremely pleased when we had to set out 725 chairs by the next day. The room holds 900 people tops, but it seemed very full to me.

The Botkins spoke on very many topics, such as courtship, the state of America and the economy, and how to watch a hollywood movie with your family.

Emily listens as the younger Botkins share some things of their own. By the way, notice anything strange about the stroller beside the table? :)

Levi was good the entire week-end, with only a few interruptions.

Lovely Miss Elizabeth and Mrs. Botkin on the second day.

Mr. Botkin met with some people outside during the lunch break.

Levi discovers the potato chip.

Our seats were at a table in the back of the room. The view was perfect and if we needed to run out, the doors were on either side of us. during the conference, I was able to meet some lovely young ladies whose blogs I read and a few new ones, as well. It was a wonderful time to meet like-minded families.

Mrs. Botkin took a few moments to speak to mothers on a few subjects while the men stood outside in the hall talking.

Lovely mama dear.

Ella enjoyed the week-end just as much as we did.

Mike manned the microphone for Q&A sessions.

For Sunday service, a local pastor turned over his pulpit to Mr. Botkin. He was very pleased with what he had read online about the Botkins and was very kind to let use his church.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Have a wonderful and blessed day!



  1. Thank you for posting the pictures, they were enjoyable to look at! :) Thank you again for all that you did to put on the conference - such a blessing!

    I am really looking forward to next month! :) Lord willing, it will be very good to get to visit with you again!

    I hope you all are doing well!

    Miss Emily Rose

  2. Hey, I went to that with my family!!!
    That is SO cool!
    I am goign to the father-daughter retreat that Vision Forum is hosting, also. Are you?

  3. Hello Earwen!
    I'm afraid we are not going to be able to register for the F-D retreat. But my brother is volunteering so we might all go just to visit with everyone. (we live about 40 minutes away)

    Perhaps I'll see you there!