Friday, January 23, 2009

What's been going on and the trip

Hello all!
I'm so sorry it's taken me this long! I came down with the flu not quite a week ago, and it hit me really hard. We are still recovering. Apparently ALOT of the other family's got it too.
Well, that and the virus is still trying hard to mess up our computer. It slows it down really bad, and makes downsizing the pictures rather hard. You know somethings not right when I can't even answer comments!

By the way, welcome to my blog, Marissa! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

P.S Sorry that there's not a whole lot of pictures, we took very, very many, but many of the pictures turned out blurry. We were not allowed to use the flash in some places. And some of the best ones mysteriously disappeared. But, here are some of the ones from the trip!

This is one of the first pictures I was able to take.
A sunrise in Alabama.

Here is the first bridge we met up with. It's alot bigger than it appears.

Here is the next one. We had already stopped for breakfast and were on our way again.

Here is a shot I took while we were on the 17 mile bridge. I did have another better one, but someone deleted it. :(
Driving through some pretty trees. After leaving the looooong bridge.

Levi finds coloring quite fascinating.

And posing quite boring.

Finally, after 15+ hours, we are almost to San Antonio. This is just outside the city. The little black speck is a plane. Dad really knows how to take good pictures.

Right outside our Hotel. I forget whether this was taken that evening, or the next day.

The view out our window.

Dad and Levi.

The first night we get there, we always go to Casa Rio for dinner. Unfortunately, a bunch of pictures were deleted, so I don't have any of the restaurant.
Well, that's about all for the trip and the first night in San Antonio.
Check back for the post on the rest of the time in Texas!


  1. Cool pics! Hope you all fully recover.

  2. How fun! We have gone on several long trips before. As our family has grown we don't go as much.

  3. The sunset is beautiful, and Levi is such a cute little baby. I look forward to seeing more photos of the SAICFF when you get the time to post them. :) It sounds like such a lovely event, we hope to go in a couple years. We downloaded The Widow's Might from - what an excellent, God-honoring family film!

    We are preparing for a trip (from Indiana) - to Georgia! :D We will be attending the Christians at the Crossroads conference, which I noticed you and your family will be attending. We are really looking forward to it! Maybe we will get to meet! :)

    Miss Emily Rose

  4. Hello girls!
    Thank you for the sweet comments. I hope to get the second post out soon. :)

    Miss Emily Rose,
    Hello! Welcome to my blog. It's wonderful that your family will be at the conferece! I can't wait to meet you!
    Thank you for leaving a comment, I hope you come back often. It's always wonderful to meet another Sister in Christ. I hope to see you soon!

    ~Olivia Powers

  5. Hay Livvy,
    You've been tagged!
    Visit my blog for more details!

    Sisters in Christ,