Monday, December 1, 2008

December update

Well, time for a new post!
I haven't been posting lately because of our computer. It got a virus from somewhere, just like we did!
Half of our family is sick with a stomach virus. I do not have it at the moment, but I think I had it a few weeks ago, as well as Ella, but without the severity of everyone else.

In form of other news:
Levi is 11 months old!!! I can't believe he's turning a whole year next month!
He is crawling everywhere, and is starting to walk. And talk, too.

Our camera broke a few weeks ago, much to everyones dismay. :(
Just before our wonderful trip to north Georgia. That was one of the best trips of the year. We had our grandparents camera for that, but we had to return it a few days ago.

Everything is starting to get a little colder. Our kittys are getting "fluffy and soft" and the dogs are starting to shiver. Our neighbor bought a dog jacket for Rascal, but just a few days after wearing it, he ran off into the woods and came back without it. Dad says he was embarrassed by it. Poor dog. ;)

I thought I had a head start on Christmas presents, but I still have to finish Ella's
scarf, and get everyone elses presents ready. December 4th is Emmy and Ivey's birthday, and a week after that is Mike's birthday. 2 weeks after that is Christmas, and 3 days after that is Levi's birthday. The 4th of January is Ella's birthday, too.
Well, hopefully I'll get out a post when we get our Christmas tree, then when all the birthdays and Christmas get here.



  1. Sounds like your busy this time of year. We have four birthday's in Dec. One is four day's before Christmas.

  2. Hi Bethany!
    But it's probably the best time of the year to be busy. ;)
    I'm the only one born in either spring or summer.