Monday, December 29, 2008

Keeping busy & a long post

Hello all!

I've been keeping busy lately, that's why there hasn't been a post. Dad is helping Mr. Botkin put the afore mentioned conference together, so he said I may help, too. Today I've been making lists of everyone's info and such. I also have been drafting an e-mail to be sent.

Other things I have been doing are crocheting, reading my Bible, reading Princess Adelina, helping mom, and such things. As well as daily household chores.

Levi's first birthday was yesterday! He has grown so much from the tiny bundle that came to us not so long ago. It's incredible how time goes by so quickly when there are little ones in the house.

Also, I've been tagged again. Lauren Ann and Mike tagged me.

This tag requires that you put down ten New Years resolutions.
I don't make resolutions, but here are some things I would like to accomplish in the coming year.

    Lord Willing:

  • I would like to finish reading my Bible
  • I'll finish my Illuminating pages
  • I'll try to finish up my arrangement of Be Thou My Vision
  • I want to improve my bread-making skills
  • I want to learn how to sew
  • I'm going to be helping out more in the garden
  • I'm going to try and be a better blessing to Mom and Dad

  • I want to get ahead on my education so I can graduate early

  • I'm going to help Mike make a movie
  • And I'm going to try and follow where the Lord leads, and learn to be content with where I am

Thank you, Lauren and Mike!

I tag Joanna, Camille, Everly, and Ellie.

By the way, I was awarded by Joanna! Thanks so much Joanna, it means alot!

I award Camille, Everly, Jenna, and M.E and I.V.

In other news, please be praying for Mike. He is going to be flying out to Texas for the Christian Filmmakers Academy. He will be gone awhile, so please keep him in your prayers.

Thank you all!

Have a blessed day,



  1. Hi Livvy~
    Sounds like you are Busy!! What a blessing that you can help your Dad with getting the conference together:)
    Don't the little ones grow Fast? It seems like Laura was just born yesterday, but she is already 16 weeks!


  2. YAY!!!!!! As you may know, I LOVE tags, and it was so sweet of you to award me - thanks!!

    Ta ta for now,


  3. Great goals. Hope you can accomplish them! =)

  4. Hey Livvy,
    Wow! You have been busy!! That's is very neat that you can help your Dad with getting the conference together.:)Have a Happy New Year and I hope you are able to complete some of your goals for 2009!

  5. Hello Jenna!
    After talking to the Botkin sisters and hearing how they strive to be a blessing to their Father, I realized that's what I want to do, too. And this seemed like a wonderful opportunity to do just that. ;)

    P.S I know, it's unbelievable how fast babies grow!

    Dear Camille,
    You’re very welcome. I hope you have fun doing the tag!

    Lauren Ann,
    Thank you, I'm praying that the Lord will give me the help I need to do everything!

    Thank you! I would love it if all you girls could come to the conference, it would be so much fun!

    Blessings to you all and Happy New Year!


  6. Hi Livvy,
    It was wonderful to see you and your family a few weeks ago!

    We are looking forward to the Crossroads Conference! I think it will really be an great encouragement to a lot of people including my family!

    Happy New Year,

  7. Hi Sarah!
    It's so good to hear from you.

    I'm looking forward to the conference, too. It was wonderful being able to talk to you again the other day.
    Hope to see you again soon!
    Happy New Year!