Thursday, September 4, 2008

A rather busy week

Hello all!
I am determined to keep posting, no matter what.
In relation to keeping up to date;
Gabriel had his 8th birthday 2 days ago,
Yesterday, Emmy, Ivey, and myself spent the day at my Granma's to prepare for a visit from my Aunt Kelly,

Today Ivey, Mama, and Levi went to the orthodontist because three of Ivey's brackets almost came off. I think it was the glue. Levi certainly was welcomed though. He happened to be dressed in a new outfit that Mama bought him, hat included. I'm almost certain that I'll be posting a picture of him in it soon. He loves his hat especially.

Okay, as for pictures, we haven't taken many lately, but I'll always have a picture of Levi on
I have no idea what he thought he was going to
do when he got his hands on the cabbage.
And yes, he is buckled in. ;)


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