Monday, September 15, 2008

Please be praying for my Grandparents

Yesterday afternoon our Grandparents called to tell us that 5 fire trucks were outside their house trying to put out a large fire over the carport.
The roof to the upstairs room above the carport was in flames and is almost completely gone. Nane and Grandad are okay, but will have to stay at a hotel for couple of months until everything can be cleared out and rebuilt.
Much of the things upstairs are alright, but everything is soaked in water and covered in the burned ceiling material. Please be praying that everything will be taken care of soon and that it won't take long until they can move back into their own home.
The Lord really took care of them yesterday which we are all so thankful for.



  1. We're praying!!

    Hope your family is all well.
    God bless!
    Adeline Morton

  2. Thank you so much, Adeline.
    We are all well and hope that the Mortons are also. We love Ya'll so much!
    Olivia P.