Thursday, July 31, 2008

Egyptian Rat Rummy

If you want a fast-moving, mind-muddling, hand-slapping game, try Egyptian Rat Rummy.
Mike has been teaching me how to play for a couple of days.
I haven't won a game yet, but I think I'm beginning to catch on. Mike first learned how to play at Boyscout summer camp a few weeks ago.
If you want all the details, you can find it on wikipedia.
I'll find some pictures later. For now though, Levi wants to slap the keyboard.


  1. Hi, Livvy!

    Your new blog layout is so cute! I love paisley.

    Your baby brother is adorable. I hope I can meet him soon.

    Tricia Ann

  2. Hi Tricia Ann!
    Thank you, paisley is one of my favorite patterns also.
    I really wish we could come up and see you all. Maybe soon though.;)
    With much love,