Sunday, March 2, 2008


Here is an update on the last few days:

On Friday we weren't able to go to the Auction(Emily broke out in welts). :(

On Saturday we went to pick up the Goat. We were a little late because I found out I was allergic to the toothpaste I was using, and the kennel wouldn't fit in the back. We ended up taking out the back seat of the van and after a few more delays, we got on the road. It took three hours to get there, but we finally arrived. One look at Anni told us that the kennel would have to stay and the back be covered in hay. Thankfully, Dad found a way to keep the kennel in the car and off we went. After about 20 minutes, Mom asked that we go to a cast iron outlet store. Michael and I stayed in the car, and they came back with some beautiful purchases. After lunch and two hours more on the road, Daddy treated us to a hour long trip at Bass Pro Shops. It was very enjoyable and Mom and Dad bought me three new shirts. Isn't it terrible that the only place to buy decent clothes is in a outdoor store? Anyway, the rest of the trip wasn't so bad, and Anni did quite well.
Mike got some footage of the trip there and Bass Pro Shops, plus some on the way home.
Unfortunately, I didn't have the picture camera, but I did take some photos of Anni today. She is doing very well and enjoying her own big pen. Mom says that she will probably kid in the next few days. We can't wait until we have 2 or more kids around here!
Mike says that, perhaps, he will make a video of the trip for me.
Until then, here are some pictures.

She has a very sweet face and is very friendly

She lays down just enough to make up for all
the standing she did in the car!

Yes? Can I help you?

She got the white strips from her Daddy,
a Toggenburg. Her long ears are from
her Mommy, a Nubian.

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