Thursday, February 28, 2008

Plans for Spring

Hello All!
So sorry that I have not been back. Here are some Baby pictures and a few others.
In the form of news, here are some things that are going on.

Lord Willing:

We will be going to pick up a Nanny goat on Saturday,
We found a Jersey for a good price that we are going to try to get,
We are about to order my meat chickens (update on that later),
We are about to put some vegetables in the Garden (the 4 chickens we have now ate all the little lettuce sprouts so painstakingly planted one by one),
We are also hoping to go to the Auction tomorrow night to find Mama some more laying hens. The chickens we have now consist of 2 roosters and 2 hens that stay in the woods all day.
I also hope to get a Flower Garden in soon. Most of what I am planting from seed will be started in April. Mom says that Dad and Mike will make some raised beds for our tomatoes and perhaps some strawberries.
Lately, Dad and I (and sometimes Mike) have been going on hikes through our woods in the morning. I recently cleaned Emmy and Ivey's room, and Mom and I have been arranging the rooms downstairs a bit better.

Today Emily and I helped my Granma organize her cupboards in preparation for my Aunt Diane's visit.

We finally sold all of Mike's puppies and still have a few cats to give away. One of our poor kitty's accidentally traveled in to town with us about 2 weeks ago. He jumped out in front of Targets, ran past Petsmart and made a beeline for the open door at Goodys. Complete Pandemonium Broke Out. I wonder whatever happened to Murry?
So here are the pictures (finally):

Here is our Library after organizing,

Snug and Cozy

LoOk InTo My EyEs

Aren't I cute?


Puppies anyone?

Mike's puppy, Hickory, is on the left.
Gabe's puppy, Star.


Do you think Mom will let me crawl now?

Why do you always talk funny to me?


Snug and Sweet

I hope you enjoyed!
God Bless and Good Night!

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