Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Back Again

Hello All!
Yes, I have deserted this blog for quite some time now.
I haven't meant to, it's just that things have been very busy around here.
Birthdays, Christmas Preparations, Puppies, the list is endless!

I'm not putting pictures out for this post, but before to long I hope to put some out.
Pictures happen to be the reason I haven't posted. ~Sigh~ I always thought a post would not be interesting without pictures. But they take so long to re-size and edit that it could take me up to an hour or more just for them. So I have to resort to a post without pictures today. But, I promise I will try to get them out here soon.

Emily and Ivey turned twelve a week ago and Mike turned seventeen yesterday.
Mike's dog, Little Red, had eleven Puppies almost two weeks ago. Three are white and one is nearly black, and the rest are different shades of brown with white on the chest just like Red. Since we already have four dogs, Dad has to think about us keeping one.
I'm just about ready to go Christmas shopping. I already have Gabe and Ella's Gifts and I think I know what I'm getting my Grandparents. I would post on what the Gifts and ideas are, but everyone in my Family reads my Blog. I am hoping to get a nice long post done after Christmas. We always take alot of pictures, so there should be a good many to post. I am just hoping that if anyone happens to get a computer game for Christmas, they will be generous enough to let me on for a little while. Emmy and Ivey are going to the Orthodontist tomorrow to get they're bands changed. I suggested they get green and red alternating on they're brackets, but Ivey hopes to get red and silver and Emmy hopes to get green and gold. Well, good enough anyway. :)

I am hoping to get some broiler chickens in January or February to raise for slaughter. I hope to try feeding them something called Diatomaceous Earth that should help with keeping them healthy and if I get some layers, it should help the eggs. We already have a Family wanting us to raise some for them. I think it will be a good experience. Dad will probably build the pen and coop for me and Mike will help Dad move it. We just recently got our pigs back. An entire freezer full of meat! From just two pigs. We were half surprised the meat didn't taste like watermelons and corn husks. LOL. I am hoping to get my own flower garden started in April. I already have about fifteen seed packets. I will probably end up posting the list of them later.

Well, I hope this post makes up for all the ones I didn't put out here. Believe me, I have more than half a dozen drafts saved. (All of them waiting for pictures. LOL.).


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